Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
Classic Media iBook ERP

Top Features

Features Overview

Optimized ERP solution

iBook ERP provides an optimized solution for your complete organization needs forever. Payroll and Admin management is unique option in it.

Multiple Product Offers

iBook ERP gives you an offer to choose your own product. It will not force you to buy which you really don't want. So you can select the product for example you want account, inventory and POS or only Payroll and Admin etc.

Further Customizable

iBook ERP is a customized product for the ever need business customers and it can be further customizable based on client requirements with low additional charges.

No Compromise on Security

iBook ERP is a secure product. It designed and navigated based on department and user level security options. Delete and restore option avialable. Complete user activity log. You can monitor who created, who modified and who deleted.