What We promise

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Simple to use

A professional accounting system should easily integrate with the users... Great user friendly and multi-tasking system

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Smart operation

Don't think accounts is a complecated think, our smart menus navigate you to the right destination...

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Secure for sure

Yes, we never compromise on your security. More liberalizaton will lead to the endless mistakes...

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Serve you better

Our dedicated team is waiting to serve you, we are the best customer service providers...

How and Why iBook is Best?
Business Analysis will help

Why iBook?

iBook design intention is to give easy access to the managers to view, monitor and control their accounts and transaction, easy to use, multitasking capability, no need of complicated knowledge to operate the accounts and generating reports.

Highly Secure

Accounts need to be secure, but sometimes we need to prevent some important information to the other users, for example payroll structure, profitability and financial position etc. iBook has user level, department level and branch level security to keep your accounts safe.

Software Architecture

Windows application with centralized database structure, so the server system only caring of database and it prevent application hang and delay while other user accessing the database.

Smart Remote Access

The database server either host on the web or standalone server at your office can be route through the internet, your application will work hassle free to access anywhere.

Customer Support

iBook packages comes with 1 year dedicated support and will charge a small annual maintenance charges from the second year to avail the continues support.


iBook has integrated with VAT and GST taxing system, reports and return formalities, its hassle free TAX accounting solution.

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